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We Are Still That Nation

As we approached the beginning of this year, the Lord began to impress on us the importance of obedience. By obtaining a pliable heart towards the will of God, sin and it’s wages are unsuccessful against us. Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

This past year, the Lord taught us that the way to ascend was by coming into full agreement with the will of God. To be completely honest, everyone will not reach this point at the same time. It is easy to say you agree to the will of God when the promise is before you, but time has a way of proving the heart of man. Through this refining process, many individuals have discovered they were not as ready as they thought. The “yes“ was honest and sure, but unfortunately some were unaware of the surgery this process and season would do on your heart. Each quarter of this year brought it’s own test of obedience and it’s own unique increase of pressure. As the year progressed, you could tell for some it became harder to believe that something good could come from it. Not only did the weight of each season increase, but no area of life seem to be left untouched. Relationships and family are huge areas that shiftEd this year. From unexpected or undesired losses, to having to create a new normal that looks nothing like the promise your “yes” prompted, it’s been some SHIFT! The support needed seem to be absent, but the requirements of you seem to increase. Even to the point where some are left so stretched from being present for everyone, they are left absent for themselves, and the ventures that needed to be complete.  

Personally and internally, some were/are at the point of shutting down as a result of the mental weight this year has caused. Internalizing it all feels like the best option when there seems to be no trusted or complete/total outlet, which ultimately creates more mental clutter and frustration.

It’s hard to see with everything that is currently in eyes view, but as we turn this final corner there is a spirit of expectation that has started moving on those that can hold on to the promise even through the last of this process.

To be increased is the promise of the righteous, and after you have been made in this, something great will be made out of this.

You are apart of the nation that has been through great hardships and trials, but through obedience to God survived them all. Every element is working together to produce the you that’s ready for what’s next.

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