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Greater Faith Fellowship is a family of believers, with an assignment to live as an example of Christ-like behavior, train and equip the gifted for practical Christian service, and undergird local assemblies and leaders to properly effect the community where they’ve been called to serve.

Overseer Ishod Britt

Founder & General Overseer of Greater Faith Fellowship of Churches

GFF Pastor\Leader Resources

Bible Study Materials, Memorandums, PDF documents can be found under this link.

Holy Convocation


All GFF members will have access to conference details before they are released to the public.

Annual Reports & Assessments

Pay all fees and assessments through the link below.

Request A Meeting

GFF is a network that is committed to equipping people to impact a generation. Conflict resolution and prophetic counsel is a key component of the mission. To request a formal meeting, select the button below.

Greater Faith Fellowship of Churches Annual Report

Thank you for submitting your annual report.

Annual Report
Individual Assessment
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