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Spiritual Life Coaching

Setbacks and detours are all apart of the journey. Spiritual life coaching is an avenue that can help you get back on track and fulfill your purpose in God.

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Greater Faith Fellowship of Churches

Greater Faith Fellowship is a family of believers with an assignment to undergird and equip local assemblies and servant leaders. 

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Equipping and Leadership

Ishod Britt Ministries overs training and equipping sessions for small and large groups. To inquire about the next training session, click the link below.

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Overseer Ishod Britt is the Senior Pastor of The Gift Church located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is also the Founder and Overseer of Greater Faith Fellowship of Churches, a conglomeration of churches, ministry organizations and entrepreneurs throughout the United States.

He is the author of, "Horns of the Altar: A Seven Day Devotional on Strategic Prayer". This book is available on all major outlets, including Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.


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