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A New Way

Every new generation needs a new strategy because a plan only serves the purpose of its time. Former strategies may have been effective, relevant, and useful in the past, but in order to progress beyond previous victories, the vision must be amended.

When Abraham left his fathers house in Genesis 12:1, he was leaving Haran, a place of great development and advanced technology, for a place he knew not of, and one that would not assure security. In short, he left with the need for a new environment.

God's call for Abraham, out of his house and from his family, could have possibly been because of the Idolatry of his father. Joshua 24:2 says that Terah, the father of Abraham and Nahor served other Gods, but that did not change God's desire to bless him. Upon his arrival to Canaan, the Lord gave Abraham clarity and a fresh strategy concerning his purpose - and a promise. Although Isaac was apart of that promise, a new generation called for a new strategy.

Ultimately, Isaac found himself in the midst of Canaan. I'm sure that there were days he wanted God to speak to him like he spoke to Abraham when he told him to leave and start anew someplace else. Instead, Isaac was told to dig a well in the very place that seemed unproductive. Here is the prophetic word:


Remember Jacob? I'm sure he wanted it to be easier, but yet again, new generation needs a new strategy. His being more aggressive than his predecessors....for Jacob had to fight! Nevertheless, his wrestle ended with him receiving what he needed at the cost of new walk. In sum, each generation had there own encounter with God. He made a covenant with each of them and gave them a new strategy after their encounter with him.

People of God, you have a responsibility to every experience and encounter with God. If you survive anything but don't receive a fresh strategy after survival, then I can guarantee that you will revisit that season again. But today, I cancel the plan of the enemy that would try to keep you in a cycle of reapplying outdated tactics. This generation calls for a new way! The Lord is unlocking the mind of everyone anointed to empower and impact this generation.

I prophecy that new strategies are being released even NOW!

I prophecy new ideas and inventions that show the work of God according to Proverbs 8:12.

I declare that plans, blueprints, designs, and visions are being made new.

I speak to the time of sleep of every generational masters mind and I cause them to be filled with prophetic, informational, profitable dreams.

I pray that God releases the details of your inheritance even as you sleep, as he did for Jacob in Genesis 28:13.

Isaiah 42:19 NLT

For I am about to do something new.

See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?

I will make a pathway through the wilderness.

I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

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