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Be Free To Flow Part 2: Free Space

The atmosphere for creativity is just as important as what’s being created. The environment surrounding a person can influence how they flow, and in some cases what flows from them. Atmospheric settings are impressionable even more so to gifted individuals with heighten spiritual senses.

When your gift is in a sensitive season, some of the most simple atmospheric gestures can consume the directives of your flow. This sensitivity could be the result of consecration, but if you don’t allow the anointing to control the atmosphere, the atmosphere will try to control the anointed.

After forty days of fasting, Jesus was tempted. Not by something that was impossible, but by something his anointing could produce in that environment. Turning the stones to bread was an insult because the nature of God is creation. It was the enemy’s attempt to control the anointing of Jesus by way of impression.

Sometimes, people can seek to control a gift by controlling the attitude of atmosphere. This behavior is seen in controlling spirits, seducing/enticing spirits, and manipulating spirits. They will use their association or relationship to fill the space of the gifted with their agenda. They do this in hopes of influencing their anointing.

I pray freedom to your mind and creative space.

Lord, allow your anointing to flow in the barren place.

Take control of our minds, homes, offices, workstations, and places of creative flow. Remove the blockage, sanctify the line, and sever the tie of controlling, manipulating, agenda promoting spirits. Lord release your anointing for fresh flow, in Jesus’ Name!

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