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You Deserve Better

Here are FIVE toxic behaviors to stay clear of for the remainder of this year!!

1. The Liar

A toxic deceiver is will drain you. They will tell you anything to avoid having to tell the truth. The result of their dishonest behavior is echoed in every area of their life. They struggle being in one relationship, because their already in a few. These people are usually challenged financially because they lack consistency, and struggle spiritually as well because they flee accountability.

2. Mr./Ms. Right

It is challenging to build a lasting/loving relationship with an individual that feels they are always right, especially when they don’t see their actions as arrogance. To these people, their personal opinion is always fact or close to it, and unfortunately they expect the feelings, and ideas of others to always agree with that. You often see this behavior in people who struggle with the spirit of control.

3. The Greens

The Green family begins with "mom jealousy" and "pop judgment". This relationship is fueled by self hate/sabotage, and it births criticism, gossip, and backbiting. Unhappy people love to make others unhappy. These individuals are usually always found in someone else’s business. They don’t feel like their conversation is gossip at all. It’s all fair, unless they’re approached or attached. No body’s business is off limits but theirs. You will see these people seek positions of leadership, not to be effective, to be informed.

4. “What Now?!”

Some toxic people come with their own theme music. Whatever they indulge in follows them. With these individuals, something is always wrong, they are always in need, or they seek your empathy and sympathy, but avoid the application of advice. Drama carriers have to be the victim, even in situations that don’t involve them, but reject solutions, or help because they enjoy the attention drama brings.

5. The Leach

Some people are just emotionally draining, or bleed you spiritually of your positivity and drive. Even in the best of conditions they will find a sad, negative, or pessimistic response.

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