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7 Things You Should Do Before 2019 Comes To An End


1. Get To Know You!

Before this year comes to an end, take a moment to become aquatinted with who you are, or rather who God used this year to make you. You’ve grown much more than you think, and with that maturing comes a change in appetite. That means some of the things that used to work for you, may not be as important to you in a new season. Feel free to release whatever isn’t necessary for whats NEXT! 

2. Budget & Financially Organize for Future 

By preparing yourself financially you reduce the risk of running into lack, and you give yourself a more accurate frame of expenditures both necessary and unnecessary. With that information you are able to restrict yourself in some places to expand yourself in others. 2020 will be a year of financial stability, but it will take discipline in the area of spending & saving. 

3. Faith Check

Being used by God, doesn’t always equal a secure relationship with God. We can find ourselves so occupied with everything else not realizing that our relationship with God has slipped into an inactive state. Distractions, situations, and the unexpected can drive gifted people to a place where they can connect to God to receive for everyone else but themselves. Don’t leave this year without fortifying your relationship with God, and getting clear instructions for this next season of your life. 

4. Evaluate Friendships and Relationships 

This past year has taught us that you can sometimes find the most secure and reliable relationships in the most unexpected places, but it also taught us that longevity doesn’t always equate to loyalty. The experiences of this year would have made anyone hesitant to create new relationships or friendships. I know personally, my allies and my assassin seemed to be on the same side, but strong, reliable, trustworthy relationships are coming. It was necessary of every spy and their plot to be exposed so you can live this year without the fear of friendly fire.


5. Fast

Fasting should be apart of the arsenal of every believer. Bondage, sickness, and even lack can be destroyed when the processes of sanctification and consecration are put to use. When your spirit is clear and free from any distractions or resistance, manifestation is able to take place. When you strip the flesh of its power, you yield control to the Holy Spirit, and that is what will be necessary to properly enter a new year with clear vision. 

6. Cast your year!

Casting your year means to use this time wisely, to properly plan for all events and markers you are already aware of for 2020. There were some things you wish you could do, and some place you wish you could go, but time, or funds did not avail you that opportunity, but by casting your year, the time and energy necessary to complete those desired things can be properly calculated to make completion possible. Don’t waist another year regretfully wishing you could do, what you didn’t take the time to plan for!


7. Heal

This has been an eventful year, and most truthfully some of us are literally running on fumes, barely making it. Functioning overwhelmed, because the aide or security we hoped for was absent. The mixture of emotions that come with being disappointed can paralyze productivity, and effect future decisions. It is important that you properly heal from the trauma of this year, so it doesn’t infect the treasures of next year. 

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