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Be Free To Flow

As I was coming out of prayer, there was a very clear and distinct sound in the spirit. I could hear a nation singing, but the music was transcendent. I could tell that I was listening to fresh material and as I began to take in what I was hearing and feeling, the Holy Spirit began to impress on me a transition that has already begun to take place. 

There is a newness that is resting on the musical and creative flow of many. New music, lyrics, melodies, progressions, ideas, strategies, and concepts will begin to flow out of your mind and mouth. 

Every individual that has felt the shift of God, in the last quarter of this year can testify that their productivity, and movement has been under extraordinary pressure, but IT’S ABOUT TO FLOW! Creative blockage, and all forms of hinderances that prevent your gift from operating pliably to the will, and wealth of God for your life, is coming to an end.

The protection of creative works, ideas, and processes was also brought to my spirit. Even for myself, this past year has yielded all too many experiences where, I knew it was mine, they knew it was mine, but that didn’t stop their pilfering. 

Even as we transition, The Lord is placing a hedge around our mind and mouth. We will know when to share, and when to keep silent, and we have the wisdom to know the environments our gifts are most necessary.

This will not be another year of wasted time or energy, but where you invest will become the place of harvest. 

Don’t think for a moment that you’ve lost your best work. After your creativity has been mishandled, it’s easy to become angry or even depressed. Trust becomes a major issue, and we don’t seem to notice that our posture to create takes a hit as well. Know that, God is making safe spaces for you, and connections that value and protect the prophetic nature of your creativity.

What you are about to produce will bless an entire nation, and you won’t have to look over your shoulder to do it! 

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