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Prophetic Watch: Are You Ready?

As this year comes to a close, watch things fall into place. There is a spiritual clock that has begun to count down the day until completion. The demand on the completion of the projects, and assignments is to keep you on the right side of this next shift. 

It is a most uncomfortable season, and some of us have to even revisit situations we thought we had passed, but keep your perception in check. There is no need to give up right before the breakthrough, you’ve endured too much. Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might, knowing that your survival makes you valuable. 

Don’t give up just yet, God is sending founding for your future! You’ve seen what you’ve been able to accomplish with the little you had, but an unrestricted resource is about to found this next move. Have you prepared?

Don’t allow the lack of preparation to be the reason you miss your season of provision. Time can either be a weapon or a tool, and it’s usefulness totally depends on the maturity of the hand it’s in. 

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